Getting the party started…

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone that posts and contributes their individual home improvement skills and expertise on this website. Secondly, I want to give a ‘thank you’ to Danny Abeman who talked me into finally creating a website where we can all share our ideas with one another for various projects.

Danny’s idea was to create this website instead of constantly emailing one another, digging around various forums, and lastly, having to actually speak on the phone :). Obviously in order for this whole thing to work I’m going to have to dedicate more of my time (which is in short supply already) and so will the rest of you.

So to kick this project off I’ll post some helpful tips that you guys are always asking me and I want you too. Make sure you do or else this website isn’t going to have much of a point.

Thanks for showing up guys and let’s make this happen. Who knows we might be the next big forum website on the internet!